Relentless Innovation was written in response to a client’s complaint that the “business as usual” culture wouldn’t allow him to innovate.  This recognition – that innovation is blocked by cultural issues and business as usual culture – isn’t necessarily new, but understood correctly it is a powerful insight.

If the “business as usual” culture and models are barriers to innovation, and most firms rely on a consistent, efficient model to generate short term profits that are vital for success, how do successful innovators achieve consistent innovation?  Relentless Innovation eliminates some of the myths surrounding successful innovators and identifies the key accelerators that firms like Apple, Google, 3M, Procter&Gamble and W.L. Gore have identified.

One of the real challenges for any innovator is that business as usual isn’t simply accepted, it is defended and strengthened by management tools like Six Sigma, outsourcing and Lean.  While these firms help an organization become more effective and efficient, they also build greater resistance to innovation, especially sustained innovation.

Relentless Innovation identifies two key barriers for innovation, and provides specific recommendations to overcome the barriers and become a Relentless Innovator.



One thought on “The Book

  1. What I love about this book is that it breaks the myth that innovation must come from an A-ha! moment; that unless you employ creative people, innovation will not happen. Contrary to this view, this book presents the argument that given the right conditions, the right process and the right insights, innovation can happen. The 3 phases are what everyone needs to innovate successfully.
    A very good read indeed.

    Posted by Wan Fadzil Adlan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. | January 11, 2012, 3:44 am

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