What people are saying about Relentless Innovation:

Roger von Oech – Author of A Whack on the Side of the Head

“Jeffrey Phillips has long been in the top tier of professionals who have a clear understanding of what makes innovation work in business. His book will provide you (and your team) with proven creative strategies and practical ideas that you can use to gain greater success in your market. Relentless Innovation is highly recommended.”

Tim Hurson – Author of Think Better

“A thoughtful, intelligent, and practical manifesto by a highly experienced innovation professional. Phillips demonstrates with clarity and insight how organizations can assess their current innovation potential, identify vulnerabilities, and most importantly create a systemic innovation-as-usual culture that can make the difference between also-ran and  yes-we-can.”

Dominic Venturo – Chief Innovation Officer, US Bank Payments

“Relentless Innovation not only outlines the barriers to innovation in a way most readers will quickly understand, it provides a prescription that, when followed, can remedy the situation before efforts stall out.”  

Steven Shapiro – Author of Best Practices are Stupid and Personality Poker

Even Steve Jobs wouldn’t be able to turn around Dell on his own. But armed with Relentless Innovation, you might have the tools to make innovation repeatable by leveraging your middle management. If you want to create a culture of innovation, you need this book!”

James Gardner – Author of Sidestep and Twist and MD International, Spigit

“This is a book likely to burst much of the bubble that presently surrounds the innovation agenda in large organizations. While this may be uncomfortable for innovation professionals, the insights herein will go far to help leaders create innovation efforts which actually work. A recommended text for any executive with innovation ambitions.”

Denny Potter – VP Innovation RJRT

“Innovation is not a one-time thing. Creating a sustainable innovation culture has a lot of moving parts. Phillips does a great job of nailing down two of the most critical components.”



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