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Presenting Relentless Innovation to Bright Idea Birds of a Feather Conference

I had a great time presenting at the Birds of a Feather conference.  The program, run by Bright Idea, and the site, hosted by Motorola Solutions, were both excellent.  A very involved, engaged group, interested in becoming more effective and consistent innovators.  On their way to Relentless Innovation.   Advertisements

Talking about Relentless Innovation with Birds of a Feather

I’ve been invited to talk about Relentless Innovation at Bright Idea’s Birds of a Feather conference June 6-7 in Schaumburg.  It will be a great opportunity to meet a number of innovators who are using Bright Idea’s software to manage innovation, and a number of people who are innovators themselves.  I’ve just had the chance … Continue reading

“Managers don’t want to innovate”

I read recently a good post by Ron Ashkenas entitled Managers don’t want to innovate.  He described the phenomenon I’ve described in Relentless Innovation, which is that managers are overly focused on the work they do regularly, and often resist or avoid innovation.  Ron lists three reasons: They need immediate results They fear cannibalization They … Continue reading

Talking Relentless Innovation with Computers in Libraries

Many thanks to the great folks at the Computers in Libraries conference, who offered me the opportunity to provide the opening keynote to their conference this year.  I had a chance to meet a number of the attendees and I was impressed by their enthusiasm for innovation, and the role that they can play to … Continue reading

Book Review by the Globe and Mail

Demonstrating that innovation is a phenomenon of global importance, Relentless Innovation received its another international review from Harvey Schachter at the Globe and Mail in Toronto Sunday, March 11, 2011.

Impermeable Middle Management and Innovation

In Relentless Innovation I wrote about three categories of employees in any organization, loosely labelled as “executives”, “staff” and middle managers.  In my discussion I suggested that only middle managers fully support existing processes and procedures.  The reason they support business as usual with such tenacity is that middle managers are the railroad conductors of … Continue reading

Cultural Accelerators for Innovation – the three Rs

Fast Company has another excerpt of my book, Relentless Innovation, looking at factors that drive more innovation awareness into the culture of an organization.  I’ve titled these factors the three R’s, recruiting, retraining and rewarding. First, you need to consider the staff you have and their relationship with the culture.  It’s possible your staff is … Continue reading

Debunking 4 Innovation Myths

Happy to note that a chapter of Relentless Innovation on debunking innovation myths is featured on Fast Company today.  The four myths are: Innovation requires a powerful, visionary leader.  Can you name the CEO of Gore, 3M or P&G? Plenty of firms are innovative, yet many of these firms aren’t lead by visionaries, and innovation … Continue reading

Efficiency versus Innovation TweetChat – Innochat

My good friends Renee Hopkins, Gwen Ishmael and Drew Marshall allowed me to moderate Innochat last week.  If you aren’t familiar with Innochat, it is an organized Tweetchat, focused on a specific topic.  People who are interested in participating just need to follow the hashtag #innochat.  Innochats are typically scheduled each Thursday at noon EST.  … Continue reading

Old tools can’t create new innovations

Let’s face it – if you want to do the same things over and over again and get the same results, the tools and methods you are using will do just fine.  In fact, since you’ve used the same tools over and over again, your comfort level and knowledge of the tools is very high, … Continue reading


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