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New books that reinforce the Relentless Innovation Message

It’s always reassuring when you present ideas that challenge the status quo to find other authors or thinkers who spot the same issues and write about the same challenges as you do.  In Relentless Innovation I’ve defined the need for every company to become a consistent innovator.  Two other authors are exploring similar or adjacent ground.

The first is Gary Hamel.  I’m a bit reluctant to lump myself in with Dr. Hamel, as his books, especially The Future of Management have been guidebooks for me.  But his new book, What Matters Now, focuses on many of the same issues I address in Relentless Innovation – especially innovation, adaptability and passion.

The second is Brian Solis.  I’m not familiar with his work, but the title of his book – The End of Business as Usual – is in perfect alignment with my book.  I argue that traditional business as usual is a key barrier to innovation.  Brian argues that companies need to rethink their business as usual strategies in the face of incredible change in the consumer community.

Both of these books speak to the need for change in how companies operate, especially in the face of dramatic change in markets, competition and customer expectations.  Both will also stipulate the importance of innovation as a key enabler for success.  Further, only changing existing operating models, expectations and perspectives – the “business as usual framework” will accomplish these goals.


About ovoinnovation

Jeffrey Phillips is a senior consultant with RTI Innovation Advisors and the author of Relentless Innovation, OutManeuver and Make us more Innovative.


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